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ZOOM SUR HAITI, booking platform of Le Diner en Blanc - Haiti 2019

We are proud to announce that ZOOM SUR HAITI has been selected as Booking Platform for the Dîner en Blanc - Haïti 2019.

The city of Cap-Haitien (where the event will be held) being located in the north of the country, you will have to spend at least one night. Take the opportunity to offer to yourself some excursions such as a guided tour of the majestic Citadelle, a sea trip at Île-Arat, a dinner/dance party at the legendary Lakay restaurant.

We have gathered here for you all the services you will need to plan your stay in Cap Haitien.

Concept: Chic picnic in a place of exception

The Dinner in White® is an annual meeting of friends meeting for an evening of dinner in an exceptional place revealed at the last minute. All dressed in white and behaving with the greatest decorum, elegance and etiquette, the guests gather for a "classy picnic" in a place usually public.

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