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Explore Cap-Haitien and its surroundings

Chief-place and great urban pole, Cap-Haitien is located north of the country, west of a bay which has the same name. The region’s economy relies mostly on tourism.

Cap-Haitien holds the country’s second international airport (Hugo Chavez international Airport); the first and largest one is in Port-au-Prince. Hugo Chavez airport offers regular flights to Port-au-Prince several times a day, but also daily flights to Florida, Providenciales and other destinations in the area.


Historical experience

By themselves, Cap-Haitien and its surroundings are a big part of the country’s entire history. By the way, Cap-Haitien is known to hold the largest concentration of historical monuments.

With its typical architecture, its right angle drawn street, and its colonial weft, Cap-Haitien’s down-town, founded in 1670, has a tourist wealth similar to the French Quarter of New Orleans in the United States.

Some very old houses and buildings (eg. Our-Lady of Assumption cathedral) are quite noticeable because of their French colonial architecture.

Monuments like Citadelle La Ferriere and Sans Souci palace (composing the National Historic Park, recognized as humanity heritage by the UNESCO in 1982), Picolet Fort, the fortresses in Fort-Liberte city, explain how devoted the revolutionaries were to protect the country.

Cap-Haitien is also a witness of the Tainos civilisation, the island’s first occupants. Petroglyphs carved on rocks, the rivers and caves at Sainte-Suzanne village and numerous artefacts as well offer an instant trip in the island’s faraway past. Island that the Tainos used to call: Ayiti. The bed of Sainte-Suzanne’s River contains large rocks that were carved more than 1000 years ago.

Seaside experience

When talking about Cap-Haitien, not mentioning its seaside aspect is unthinkable. One of its hotel-beaches, Cormier, is very much loved by local as well as foreign tourists.

Not far from Cap-Haitien, is Labadee, a seaside station that welcomes the world’s biggest and most expensive cruise ship, the «Oasis of the Seas». Over 6000 tourists get off of that ship weekly. It is possible to do a lot of activities in Labadee, especially water activities.

Gastronomy experience

People of the North are deemed to be excellent cooks; this is why Cap-Haitien is far from being an exception and is even considered a must.

Tourist coming from other cities of the country and from abroad will enjoy delicious and succulent «capoise» style meals in one of the numerous restaurants in the city.

Many restaurants like Lakay, Auberge du Picolet, etc. will please whatever the taste and requirements of the tourist.

Top things to do and to see in Cap-Haitien

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