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The Bay of Labadie in Cap-Haitien

Labadie & Labadee

When talking about Labadie, most of the time, people immediately refer to the seaside resort, Labadee. However, the resort as well as the eponymous village both sit on a peninsula located 5 km northwest of Cap-Haitien city.

The peninsula is a heavenly place with deep blue waters. The mountains dominate the whole area. In terms of infrastructure, there is a striking contrast between the village and the resort. The village is a pure simplicity, while the luxurious side of the resort seems to show it as a different world.

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Labadie, the village

The village of Labadie, inhabited by only a few thousand people, is located south of the seaside resort. It is accessible only by boat.

The village’s economy is essentially based on fishing. The inhabitants live peacefully, and they welcome tourists warmly.

To get there, as it is the case for Amiga Island, tourists must take a taxi-boat at the port of the resort for a small fee. Tourists can spend the day in the village, which will allow them to enjoy fish or lobster that the fishermen will nicely grill.

Of course, visitors can bask on the beach.

The proximity of the village with the seaside resort is somewhat beneficial because of the tourists who visit it.

The village takes its name from the Marquis de La Badie, a Frenchman who was the first to settle in the region in the 17th century.

Labadee, the seaside resort

Labadee is a seaside tourist resort located on the north coast of Haiti, 5 km north-west of Cap-Haitien who administers it. The portion of land on which the resort is located is almost an island.

Although it belongs to the Haitian government, since 1985 it is leased to Royal Caribbean International (RCI) who secures it with a fence; which makes it a private resort. Labadee regularly receives large ships, including the world’s largest one (Oasis of the Seas), with thousands of cruise passengers on board. These visitors go, not only to swim in one of the five beaches, but they also go there to do activities and buy souvenirs; which explains why the destination is very popular.

Royal Caribbean International employs a few hundred of local workers. The company also allows several Haitian merchants to come and sell their products (especially handicrafts) on the site by installing their kiosks in the flea market.

On the site

Labadee Town Square gives tourists the opportunity to attend shows and cultural activities inspired by local traditions; especially by Haitian folk dances.

VIP guests at Royal Caribbean International have access to a private beach called Barefoot Beach Club. This is where all activities and drinks are offered to them free.

Non-VIP tourists can visit one of the seven bars to enjoy their favorite punch or cocktail. However, all tourists can buy souvenirs, bathe in the other beaches and do activities.


Tourists on the site have the opportunity to do several activities to fill their day with fun. The Dragon's Breath Zipline is one of those activities ensuring a good dose of pleasure. They are air corridors with an impressive descent over the turquoise blue waters of Labadee Bay. Many people say they are the highest in the world. Tourists can also try the roller coaster known as Dragon's Tail Coaster; a carousel rolling  through a dense vegetation.

There are many water activities that visitors can do in Labadee, especially in Aqua Arawak Park. Among these, there is the Water Trampoline, RockClimbing Wall, Small Water Slides, etc. Tourists should however take note that the park is reserved for those who have prepaid the access. It is suggested to have goggles. Other water activities are snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, etc.

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