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Clairin Distilleries around Cap-Haitien

The clairin properly said is a brandy, a local product made in Haiti. The drink is made with sugar caneby using traditional methods; these methods date from the colonial era.

The distillation process to obtain it is the same as the rum’s, that is why the two drinks have a certain resemblance. However, the clairin does not go through the refining process. Refining is what differentiates the types of alcohol produced by fermentation.

In general, the clairin is wet, it means that a certain amount of water is added to reduce the degree of alcohol.

According to many sources, there are more than 500 clairin distilleries in Haiti. In popular language, distilleries are also called guildives. It is possible to visit some of them in the northern department and even taste the final product. These distilleries are a pillar for the economy of the northern region, which explains the great popularity of the drink not only in the north, but throughout the country.

This is somehow why the clairin is to Haiti what the maple syrup is to Quebec.

Some of the most popular distilleries around Cap-Haitien

Distillery Larue in Cap-Haitien

This distillery was founded in 1962 by Raymond Eugene Nazon and is part of the Northern Heritage. It bottles the Nazon clairin, which contains 40% alcohol.

Distillery Bethel Romelus

It manufactures the clairin le Rocher. This distillery is located in Pignon, a village south of Cap-Haitien. This clairin is the result of a spontaneous fermentation, which gives it an alcohol content of 46.5%.

Guildiverie Patrick

In 2012, Patrick St-Cirin took over the family business in Milot, a city located south of Cap-Haitien. The company will soon be categorized economuseum; that is to say visitors will be able to attend a workshop during which a craftsman will explain to them his job which is traditional, but also part of the modernity. Therefore, visits are by reservation and last 30 to 45 minutes.

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