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The Historic National Park

A group of 3 attractions

The National Historical Park is located in Milot, in the north of Haiti; a city not too far south of Cap-Haitien. By car, the distance is about 35 minutes.

The park covers a 25 km2 land and is composed of three buildings: Citadelle La Ferriere, the ruins of Sans Souci Palace and the Ramiers Complex.

Citadelle La Ferrière

The construction of this huge fortress was ordered by Henri Christophe at the beginning of the 19th century. Its construction lasted 14 years and required the participation of 200 000 workers.

It is a huge fortress standing at 900 meters on top of a hill. It is also the biggest fortress of the entire Caribbean. Its purpose was to prevent a possible return of the French army. At its base, there are still stacks of cannonballs.

It offers a panoramic view of the entire northern region. From its summit, it’s possible to have an extensive view of the Caribbean Sea. When the weather is good, it is even possible to see the east coast of Cuba.

For the climb, visitors can rent a horse for a little amount of money at the tourist office.

Sans Souci Palace

Henri Christophe is also the one who ordered the construction of this palace. Although in ruins today, its remnants explain the extent of the territory on which it was built. Two earthquakes (1842 & 1843) seriously destroyed it.

This colossal monument was the personal residence of Henri Christophe and was divided into four sections including: the King's apartments (Henri Christophe), left pavilion, the Queen's apartments and large stables. It even had a barracks, a hospital, a print shop and more. According to the hearsay, the style of the palace was to compete with the castle of Versailles.

Des Ramiers Building

The construction of des Ramiers building began at the same time as the Citadelle’s. It is a plateau containing the ruins of a fort; this fort was formed by four fortified redoubts. From these redoubts, the soldiers could overwatch, and could protect the southern flank of the Citadelle.

From des Ramiers building, the soldiers had access to the Citadelle via drawbridges.

UNESCO World Heritage

The park was created in 1968, so, a very long time after the buildings were built. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1982.

A reception office was built to welcome visitors adequately. It holds a restaurant, an infirmary, an audio-visual interpretation room and kiosks that sell handicrafts for the benefit of small merchants in the area.

A few years ago, the Tourism Ministry set the entry fee to the site at $5 USD for foreign tourists and 25 HTG Gourdes for local tourists.

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