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The Limbe Museum

The Museum of Limbe, also called Guahaba Museum - which means means Limbe in the Native American language - or Dr. Hodges Museum, is located at about 30 km west of Cap-Haitien in the commune of Limbe. It was founded in 1983 by William H. Hodges, an American Christian doctor who came as a missionary to Haiti in 1958.


The museum contains mostly artifacts from the pre-Columbian period. They are objects found during archaeological excavations in Puerto Real, a city founded in 1503, during the Spanish colonization.

These are indigenous Native American artifacts proving the ancient presence of the Arawak and Tainos tribes. They lived in the area before African slaves settled there.

The museum contains other objects such as: small stone mortars, pottery, hunting tools, trinkets, jewelry, paintings and many more.

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