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Les Cayes Botanical Garden

The Garden is at the north entrance of the city of Les Cayes (more precisely at Bergeau).

It covers a land of 8 hectares with a multitude of varieties of plants and flowers. Can be found: Haiti’s exotic plants, invasive plants, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, honey plants and native plants for the horticulture development. There is even a natural area where it is forbidden to make noise while passing in order not to disturb the animals in their natural habitat.

Being Haiti’s only botanical garden, it is a member of Botanical Garden Conservation International (BGCI). To ensure its operation, visitors are encouraged to pay a rate of 50 gourdes per child and 100 gourdes per adult.

The Botanical Garden is an educational and scientific place where tourists, students, families and teachers will make a rich learning experience. A visit to this garden will allow you to better understand the biodiversity of the region and that of other regions of Haiti. You will be amazed by the multitude of colors of this garden, creating a picturesque landscape.

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