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The Marie-Jeanne cave

Located in Port-a-Piment city, at about 61 km from the city of Les Cayes, the Marie-Jeanne cave is the longest one of not only the country, but also of the Caribbean.

From down-town of Port-a-Piment, 15 minutes of walk will lead you to a hill. It requires an extra 10 minutes to climb the hill (120 meters) and get in the entrance of the cave.

The entrance to the Marie-Jeanne cave is bushy, hidden behind trees and stems that seem to protect a treasure, which adds to the natural charm of the place and contrasts with what we are about to discover when entering.

Historical and geological uniqueness

This natural site is a real 15 km labyrinth containing no less than 50 chambers. According to some researchers, the formation of this underground structure dates back nearly 60 million years. Archaeological traces and engraved signs on the limestone and silica walls, as well as symbols and hieroglyphs, would date from the pre-Columbian period.

The numerous entrances and skylights allow the development of a unique underground ecosystem that has not yet been fully explored and studied. The cave contains a small fauna composed of bats, birds, beetles, etc. People say there is a sweet water lake in the 5th level.

Guided tours will explore the first 3 levels. They last between 1 and 4 hours, leaving enough time to venture into and explore the depths of this unique tourist attraction.

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