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Explore Ile-a-Vache and its surrounding

Ile-a-Vache is one of the most beautiful destinations in the south of Haiti. It is located at 10 km south-east of Cayes city. The tourist who will discover it will find a certain peace of mind. It is the ideal place for the person looking for long lasting pleasure; because, as it is often said: « it’s where time stands still ».

Historical experience

Ile-a-Vache by itself represents an important part of Haiti’s history. From 1698 to 1700, the island was at the heart of a political battle and was even a refuge for some pirates, including the notorious English Henry Morgan, alson known as Captain Morgan. He even lost a boat alongside of the island. There’s a hotel on the island named after him: Port Morgan.


Meeting experience

Ile-a-Vache will grant all the visitors the possibility to meet its people. The people of Ile-a-Vache are very friendly and will be ready to accompany the tourists in discovering the island. Visitors will be pampered by the staff of Abaka Bay Resort, Port Morgan and Anse-à-l'Eau Beach House hotels. They’ll also meet the local fishermen who supply the restaurants (ex. La Kay du Pecheur) with their catch of the day.


Seaside experience

In terms of activities, the tourist can expect to have a lot of choices. There are excursions that can be done; excursions that will bring the tourist to Îlots de Amoureux and Permantois islets and some not far away cities: Camp Perrin, Port a Piment, Port-Salut.

The tourist can also expect to have a euphoric experience with tons of water activities, especially at the Marina of Port Morgan.

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