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One of the cities considered as a pillar in Haiti is Jacmel. It is unthinkable to not mention Jacmel when talking about specific characteristics of the country. Jacmel is a tourist pole located south of the country, in the district of Jacmel, at 2h45 of drive south of Port-Au-Prince.

Extremely rich cultural experience

By its culture, Jacmel is a very rich city; it is even considered as Haiti’s cultural capital. Because of this highly diversified culture, Jacmel is way ahead of the other cities, especially with its popular annual carnival always expected impatiently. Craft, particularly the papier mache, is a huge part of the culture and greatly contributes in the carnival’s success.

This culture also includes painters and poets born in the city, but who are however preceded by their own reputation all over the country. Add to that, boutique-workshop Creations Moro which has become an icon of the culture. Moreover, the numerous houses and buildings with a 19th century French colonial architecture reflect Jacmel’s culture as well.

Historical experience

Jacmel was founded in 1698, which makes it one of the country’s oldest cities. A great number of buildings and houses dating back several years are still here to prove the city’s antique side, but not old-fashioned. Florita hotel for instance, is way over 100 years.

Moulin Price, Manoir Alexandra and Petite Batterie are witnesses of the city’s rich and long history. However, some newer buildings, for instance Cap Lamandou and Cyvadier hotels, add a modern touch to the city.

Nature experience

Jacmel is more than culture and history, it is also nature. By that, let’s mention its beaches (La Saline, Raymond des Bains, Ti Mouillage, etc.), always popular and appreciated by the tourists. There is also, Bassin Bleu, a natural basin with captivating blue water that just can’t stop marveling the visitors.


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