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Bassin Bleu Waterfall

Bassin Bleu is a natural site in the mountains west of the city of Jacmel. From Jacmel, it takes 40 minutes by car and an additional 15 minutes walk to climb the rocks that lead to the place.

This natural site is composed of three basins with a turquoise blue water. There are huge waterfalls pouring into these basins and  linking them at the same time. First, there is Bassin Yes; it is 15 feet deep (4.6 meters). The second is Bassin Palmiste; it is 57 feet deep (17.4 meters). The third, Bassin Clair; it has a depth of 75 feet (22.8 meters). Bassin Clair is the most popular of the three, with a waterfall 10 meters high falling in it.

Everything in this excursion will enchant you; the fruit trees and lush vegetation that occupy the whole space of this mountainous park, the few goats and cows encountered in passing, the cheerful birdsong punctuating our steps, the recklessness children having fun in the water, the locals doing the laundry at the creek.

Besides the experienced guides, there are many other people always ready to accompany tourists to Bassin Bleu.

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