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The Ogier-Fombrun Museum


The Ogier-Fombrun Museum is located in Montrouis, in Haiti, on the renovated ruins of a sugar plantation from the 18th century, built in 1760 by the colonel Guillaume Ogier, and abandoned when he died in 1799 during the revolutionary period.

In the month of March 1977, the remains of this site were entirely redeveloped by an architect named Gérard Fombrun who personally invested many years of his life.

What you will find

The museum's content will literally tell you Haiti's history from the pre-columbian era to the revolution. The objects composing the museum are numerous and will guide you through the history's meanders passing by many emotions.

Objects like: instruments of torture, rifles of the time, statues, canons, canoes, trolley (which was used to carry the slaves owners), pottery & ceremony objects, painting, etc. The rooms display an array of interesting colonial machinery, equipment and furniture as well as original documents from that the Native American period, and a fantastic collection of swords.

The Museum shares the property with Moulin Sur Mer Beach Resort Hotel where you can cool off, have lunch and enjoy a sea bath in an idyllic setting.

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