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The Barbancourt Rum Distillery

A family dynasty and an unequaled taste

The Barbancourt distillery is a company founded in March 1862 by Dupré Barbancourt, a man who was from Charente, a region in France. Many years later, in 1952 the factory began to produce rums with sugar canes cultivated on its own plantation. With no delay, the company reached a higher level in becoming a worldwide producer because of its rums’ quality and authenticity.

Before his death, the founder made sure that his rums would please many people by using a method called charentaise. It is a procedure which involves distilling the rum twice rather than once. From its foundation until now, the company is a real family dynasty. Since 2017, Mrs. Delphine Gardère is at the head of the company. Delphine Gardère is the great-grand-daughter of Paul Gardère who was Nathalie Gardère’s nephew. Dupré Barbancourt was Nathalie’s husband.

With its 250 employees, the company exports its products in more than 20 countries. You surely can visit it, and while you'll be there, you'll be able to have a taste of each product.

To taste and buy during your visit

The White Barbancourt: the youngest, but delicious anyway

This agricultural rum is not aged and has a sugar cane juice smell. It is well sweetened and perfect to put in a mojito, ti-ponch or even a traditional cocktail. Of course, it has a white color and comes in 750 ml bottle with 43% of alcohol. It should not be underestimated.

3 star Barbancourt: you will love it very much

This rum is aged for 4 years, so it isn’t very young neither is it too old. Just like the white one, it has an agricultural taste. However, because of its double distillation and maturation, the agricultural taste is less pronounced. Using it in cocktails such as the Daiquiri is suggested. It is bottled with 740 ml with a percentage of 42.5% of alcohol. It will strongly charm you with its taste and amber color.

Special Reserve 5 star Barbancourt: go ahead with serious things

With its 8 years of aging, this rum will make you reach the next level. It’s a real tasting rum that can be taken alone or on the rocks. Its aromas uncover the scents of fig and grape. Its unequaled taste reveals caramelized sugar. Colored amber in a bottle of 750 ml, it has 43% of alcohol. Like many other people, you will appreciate it.

Domain Reserve Barbancourt 15 years: absolutely irresistible

In the past, this rum was limited to the family and close people only, but since the 1960’s, it became accessible to all. Just like the 5 star, its aromas reveal the scents of fig and grape but sharper and enhance by vanilla and butter. It gives it a richer taste that you’ll particularly love. It’s colored amber with 700 ml in the bottle with 43% of alcohol.

Pango Barbancourt: you're ready for the party

The Pango rum is aged, but soaked with mangos, pineapples and spices. It’s literally a bottled rum fruit cocktail. However, it’s recommended to dilute it with ice or add it to a cocktail with grapefruit juice or with lime and sugar. Colored amber, it comes in a 750 ml bottle with 35% of alcohol. Don’t forget to bring it to give the party a tropical taste.

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