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The Observatoire at Boutilliers

The Observatoire at Boutilliers is a very popular and well appreciated restaurant not only for its food, but also for its location. It seats at 900 meters in the mountains in Pétion-Ville at about one hour of drive from downtown Port-Au-Prince.

It offers various meals : international creole, grilled meat, vegetarian products, etc. Its bar offers beer, wines, rum, cocktails and many more. Its terrace offers a masterly view of Port-Au-Prince and its surroundings and is perfect to take beautiful photos; at this height, it’s another world.

It is suggested for group of people and families with kids. However, it is highly recommended for romance or better yet, to make a wedding proposal. According to TripAdvisor, its ratio quality/price, its service, its cuisine and ambiance give it a 4.3/5.

With such score, a visit is to be considered.

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