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Hello, I would like to visit Haiti for my holidays. Do you offer travel packages?

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Definition of a travel package

A travel package, also known as a package or tour package or package tour, is a set of services offered at a fixed price, set up by a travel agency or a tour operator. It usually includes transportation, accommodation, and catering (eg All-Inclusive), but may also include tours, excursions, and other services.

We do not offer travel packages. However, from our platform, you are able to easily create your package by yourself, without the need of a travel agency. Here is the recipe...

Usually, planning a travel package is something that requires a lot of time, because you have to find the perfect lodging, reliable transportation that goes to this lodging, and also plan activities to do nearby. Very often, this long process requires browsing through several Web sites to find the services, filter those who offer the best prices and book them one by one. This certainly makes several transactions on your credit card, especially since the total cost must fit into your budget.

With the platform ZOOM SUR HAITI, creating your travel package is fast and easy as 1, 2, 3... because it is a one-stop-shop for all your reservations.

What you need to know before you start

First and foremost, you must, of course, choose your dates of stay in Haiti, as well as the region in which you want to go. Once these two decisions are made,

  1. Go to the homepage. We advise you to put the site in your favorites for direct access in the future.
  2. From the home page, locate the tabs on the main menu : «Welcome», «Transportation», «Lodging», «Experiences», «Flights», «Explore Haiti», «Travel Guide», «Blog». Finding your way on our platform will allow you to do your research faster.

If it is your first trip to Haiti, we suggest you read :

  • The article «When to go» our «Travel Guide» to find the best time to visit Haiti,
  • The «Explore Haiti» section for more information on the tourist destinations. In this section, you will see the lodgings that are there, the activities you can do, and the transfers that go to the destination from one of the two international airports.

1. Choosing the lodging

To make your planning even simpler, we advise you to start by choosing the lodging. All regions have several lodging ready to receive you. Choosing the lodging is done in a few easy and quick steps. Whether with your mobile device or your computer, you can find the lodging you are looking for by following the steps in the article «How to find the lodging I’m interested?».

Booking the room

Once you have found the lodging that interests you and read the information about it, you can book the room. That's easy too: Mention your dates of stay and the number of travelers with whom you will share your room, then let the platform guide you. If you have difficulty, check out the article «How to book a room» which will guide you step by step.

2. Booking the transfers (round trip) that correspond to the lodging

Of course, there is at least one transfer for the lodging you have chosen, whether you are departing from Toussaint Louverture or Hugo Chavez airport. This saves you from to booking a transfer on another site; which will lengthen your planning process and is likely to cost you more.

Finding the transfer that goes to the lodging of your choice

No need to go too far. At the bottom of the page of the lodging in question, there is already a list of transfers that are proposed to you. You will certainly find the one that goes from the airport to the lodging of your choice. You can also follow the steps explained in the article «How to find the transfer I'm interested in» under «Booking a transfer» in the Help Center.

Booking the going and the return

Booking the transfer is something that will take you very little time; In fact, much less than booking the room in the lodging. The article «How to book a transfer» in the Help Center explains the simple steps to book a transfer. This section provides some very useful information, such as: how to provide flight information, return transfer booking, meeting with the driver before boarding, etc. Information that will help you have peace of mind at the time of booking.

3. Participating in activities that are offered in the area where you go

To fully live the Haitian experience, you need at least one excursion. Again, no need to go to another site to make the reservation, because you will find a multitude of activities directly on our platform. What is interesting is that, in most, transportation is included.

Finding the activities offered in the region

Each of the major regions of Haiti offers a wide range of activities to do. Your budget will decide which activity (activities) you would like to offer yourself. If you do not know how to find activities on our platform, read the article «How to find the activity that I’m interested in».

Booking the activity (activities) you are interested in

Once you have found the activity of your choice, you can book it very easily by following the steps in «How to book the activity» under «Booking an activity» in the Help Center. In this section, you will also find information about modifying or deleting an activity, if applicable. If you want to add another activity, simply repeat the steps.

Your travel package is now built : It's your shopping basket, or if you prefer, your travel plan (itinerary).

4. Paying

Unlike many other booking platforms where services are payable one at a time, the ZOOM SUR HAITI platform makes your life easier by allowing you to pay for all your services at the same time.

Make sure you have put in your shopping basket (your travel plan) all the services you want to use during your stay, then click on the button «Proceed to checkout».

You will be able to pay by Visa, Amex or MasterCard. For steps on how to pay for your services, see the «Payment» section in the Help Center.

Check that everything matches before proceeding to checkout

It is extremely important to check your travel plan before paying.
Confirm :

  • That the dates match well with your dates of stay,
  • That the chronological order of the services correspond exactly to what you wish,
  • That there is no conflict of date and/or time between services.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to chat online with us or to contact our Support team.