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Pay your trip by inviting your friends to discover Haiti

Until October 31, 2018, invite a friend who shares your passion for Haiti to contact us, and receive $50/traveler* as soon as he books a package with us.

Quelques exemples :

  • Your friend books a package and travels with someone else (loved one, family, etc.), you'll earn 2x50 = $100*.

  • Your friend books a package and 3 other people, you'll receive 4x50 = $200*.

  • Your friend pays in USD, your winnings will be in USD at the daily rate. He pays in EURO, your credits will be in EURO at the rate of the day, ....

If you have a small network of fairly active travelers, you can travel without paying anything. .

How it works

  1. Ensure you have an account with us. If not, register here.

  2. Talk to your family and friends, get the message across : It's easy to plan a trip to Haiti with ZOOM SUR HAITI. Don't forget to ask your friends to mention your name when they call for their reservation.

  3. Once a friend's reservation completely paid, receive a $50 travel credit in your account. Not only that, receive also $50 for each additional person* traveling with your friend. See examples above.

  4. In addition, each traveler receives a $50 refund after their trip.

You win, they win!

Tempting, isn't it?


  • You must absolutely have an account with us.

  • Your referred friends must book a package of 8 days minimum.

  • All Inclusive packages are excluded.

  • No credit will be deposited if your friend cancels his reservation.

  • Credits will be deposited 2 business days after your friend returns from his travel.

  • Our referral system is not pyramidal : No additional credit will be deposited in your accout because your friend refers another friend.

  • Your referred friends must call before the end of the Offer Period. After the Offer Period, the Limited Time $50/traveler Invite a Friend Travel Credit will end, to be replaced with the standard Invite a Friend Travel Credit of $25/traveler, which will be reinstated ongoing for future referrals.

  • ZOOM SUR HAITI reserves the right to end the Offer Period earlier or to extend the Offer Period further at its absolute discretion.

  • Once the Invite a Friend referral has been submitted, it can’t be reversed.

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