Last revised : May 30, 2019

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1. General information

1.1. By booking a travel service with a provider, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the cancellation and no-show conditions of the provider, as well as any additional conditions of the provider that may apply to your service (including important provider information available on this website and provider's conditions), including for services rendered and / or products offered by the provider. The general terms and conditions of cancellation and no-show specific to each provider are indicated on the provider's information pages on this website; they are also recalled during the booking process and in the confirmation email or ticket (if applicable). Please note that some rates, fees or special offers may not cancel, change the booking or claim a refund. Applicable tourist taxes may be levied by the provider even in the event of no-show or paid cancellation. You are therefore invited to read the details of the service of your choice to be aware of the conditions before making your reservation. Reservations for travel services requiring a down payment or a payment (total or partial) may be canceled (without notice or notice of default prior) if the amount (s) (or balance) requested are not received in their entirety on the date of agreed payment, according to the payment terms of the provider and the corresponding reservation. The cancellation and payment conditions vary depending on the type of travel service. Please carefully read the important information (indicated below the types of travel services or at the bottom of each provider's page on this website) as well as the useful information on your booking confirmation regarding additional terms and conditions that can be applied by the provider (including minimum age, security deposit, extra beds, non-inclusive breakfasts, pets, accepted cards and special group conditions, such as additional charges or cancellations not possible). You will be held responsible for any bank, credit or debit card details, any invalid credit / debit card or any insufficient funds and can not claim any refund of a payment (non-refundable) unless otherwise stated in the provider’s payment and cancellation terms.


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2. Changes and cancellation of a reservation

2.1. ceneral information


    2.1.1. If you wish to change or cancel your travel reservation, please refer to the confirmation email and follow the instructions provided or go directly in your ZOOM SUR HAITI account to proceed. Please note that any cancellation may result in a fee, in accordance with the provider's cancellation and no-show conditions, and it is possible that the amounts paid will not be refunded or credited. We recommend that you read these cancellation and no-show policies carefully before making your reservation and making any payment for the reservation. You are responsible for any changes to a reservation made through the platform and agree to pay any fees and / or taxes associated with such booking changes.


2.2. Cancellation for a Non-Flexible Reservation

    2.2.1. If you make a Non-Flexible Reservation and cancel your reservation less than seven (7) days in advance, then the amount paid for your reservation and the administration fee will be non-refundable. You must comply with ZOOM SUR HAITI's notice period as well as the service provider's cancellation policy in order not to pay additional fees for "no-show".


2.3. Cancellation for a Standard Flexible Reservation

    2.3.1. If you choose the Flexible Standard Reservation option when making your reservation (if available), a small amount will be charged to your credit card and, in return, if you later decide to cancel your reservation, the amount paid for your reservation will be credited to your credit card in the currency used for the payment (as long as you have complied with the provider's notice period, as indicated in its terms and conditions). For example, if you paid the amount in US dollars, the amount will be refunded in US dollars. The providers and ZOOM SUR HAITI can not be held responsible for the exchange rate applied by your payment provider, nor any charges applied for the conversion of the amount refunded in your local currency. Administrative costs are not refundable.

    2.3.2. If you select Standard Flexible Reservation (if available) for your reservation, the following clauses will apply : The amount paid for your reservation will only be credited if :

   you have complied with the notice period for your cancellation, indicated by the provider in its Terms and Conditions ;

   you have made your cancellation from your ZOOM SUR HAITI account ; and

   you have canceled your entire reservation (partial cancellations, including cancellations of one or two nights, are not covered by the cancellation protection).


2.4. No-show without cancellation

    2.4.1. In case of no-show without cancellation (or if the cancellation notice is too short compared to the present and / or the general conditions of the provider), all amounts paid, including amounts paid with the option Flexible Standard Booking will be non-refundable, and ZOOM SUR HAITI will be allowed to debit your credit card.


2.5. Other information about the refund after a reservation

    2.5.1. If it is not possible to refund the amount according to the means of payment that you used at the time of your reservation (eg your card has expired), ZOOM SUR HAITI's customer service will contact you for arrange a refund by bank transfer. If you do not provide the details of a valid bank account within thirty (30) days of the request for such information, you will lose your right to refund the amount.

    2.5.2. For the avoidance of doubt, we reimburse the amounts on behalf of the provider as an agent of the provider.

    2.5.3. If you wish to request a refund regarding the conditions of your stay or the execution of the travel service, you must contact the provider directly. You can send a request through our Resolution Center. Any refund relating to the provider is however in its sole discretion.

    2.5.4. If a provider cancels a confirmed reservation, ZOOM SUR HAITI will allow you to apply the paid amount to a new reservation. In this case, ZOOM SUR HAITI will credit the amount of the next reservation according to your instructions. Otherwise, if you so choose, you may receive a full refund of the total fees for this reservation. In addition, ZOOM SUR HAITI may publish an automated notice on the canceled service by the provider stating that a reservation has been canceled.

    2.5.5. For experiences, events and other provider services, if the weather poses a risk to the safety of travelers, or if it prevents a provider from performing a service that takes place primarily outside, the providers may cancel the service. Providers may also cancel the service if there are other conditions that prevent the provider from offering the service safely. In rare cases, if the cancellation is due to force majeure, you may be entitled to a full refund or credit.

    2.5.6. In certain circumstances, ZOOM SUR HAITI may decide, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary to cancel a pending or confirmed reservation and initiate refunds and corresponding payments. This may be the case if ZOOM SUR HAITI believes in good faith, while taking into account the legitimate interests of both parties, this is necessary to avoid any material injury to ZOOM SUR HAITI, other members, third parties or property, or (ii) for any of the reasons set out in these Terms.

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