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Besides the activities that we plan on doing and the tourist attractions we want to see when visiting Haiti, the place where we’ll be housing counts a lot. This is one of the most important things in planning a trip. This is because we want a certain level of comfort or a good price/quality ratio.

That being said, the tourist who goes there has the choice of lodging in a hotel, a guesthouse, a youth inn, an apartment; or at family’s or friends’. However, the tourist must  keep in mind that in a way, the choice of accommodation depends very much on the level of comfort he is searching for.


There are more than a hundredhotels in Haiti, several in each of the cities of each tourist pole. Theircharm is distinguished by this local touch that is integrated in their design : Moulin sur Mer in Montrouis and Colin's Hotel in Jacmel, for instance, stand out by their colonial architecture. Port-Morgan in Ile-à-Vache reflects the «GingerBread» style, Best Western Première in Port-au-Prince embodies luxury.

The price for staying in a hotel depends on many parameters: its distance from the sea, the nearby points of interest (shops, restaurants, tourist attractions), the level of luxury, the equipments available (spa, swimming pool, fitness center, …),... Most hotels offer breakfast, some offer all three meals.

In Haiti, the hotel classification system is Hibiscus. But it is much better to rely on comments and advises to make your choice.


There are some people in Haiti who are willing to offer rented accommodation. Generally, it is a furnished house containing one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and at least a bathroom for a reasonable price.

The level of comfort may not be the same as a hotel, but the amenities are pretty much the same. In some cases, the house is not far from the beach, a restaurant or a tourist attraction.

This alternative is very interesting if looking for intimacy, complete autonomy or if you want to receive visitors (friends, family, relatives, ...) without having to pay a supplement. It can suit you if you are traveling alone, with family, as a couple or as a small group with a modest budget.

Most often, apartments come without meals, which offers the possibility of cooking oneself, as much as one wants, without constraint of schedule, or to receive food from the local relatives.

Guesthouses and youth inns

Since 2012, the number of Guesthouses has strongly increased. The personalized service they offer (concerning meals, hospitality, logistical support, ...) gives them a good position of choice on the list of accommodations in Haiti. Among the most popular are Haiti Surf Guesthouse and Chic Chateau in Cayes-Jacmel.

As for the youth inns, this type of accommodation is much less common, but they are more affordable in terms of price and may be suitable for tourists who have a very limited budget. There are some in the capital (Marcie Guesthouse, Haiti Communautaire, etc.) and in other cities such as Croix-des-Bouquets, Jacmel, Kenscoff, Leogane, Petionville, etc.

No matter the type of accommodation you’ll choose, it is advised to be well informed about the stay conditions before making the reservation.

Good planning, have a good trip and above all,... have a good stay !

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