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Haiti is part of Hispaniola island that it shares with the Dominican Republic. Going there physically, logically requires to use a transportation mode. However, depending on the country of departure, most often, the traveler is forced to use a specific transportation mode rather than another one.

Three ways to get to Haiti

By air

Haiti has two international airports: Toussaint Louverture Airport and Hugo Chavez Airport.

Toussaint Louverture International Airport, which is located in the city of Port-au-Prince, receives the vast majority of flights. It serves the western region (Port-au-Prince and its surroundings), the Arcadins Coast (Montrouis and its surroundings) and the Caribbean Coast (Jacmel, Les Cayes, Ile-a-Vache and their surroundings).

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AirlinesCountries / TownsDeparture airports / Arrival airports
Air CanadaCanada / MontréalPierre-Elliott Trudeau
Air TransatCanada / MontréalPierre-Elliott Trudeau
Air CaraïbesFrance / ParisOrly
Air FranceFrance / ParisAimé Césaire, Miami, Guadeloupe - Pôle Caraïbes
American AirlinesUnited States / Fort-Lauderdale, Miami, New YorkFort-Lauderdale-Hollywood, Miami, John F. Kennedy
Spirit AirlinesUnited States / Fort-LauderdaleFort Lauderdale-Hollywood
JetBlue AirwaysUnited States / Fort-Lauderdale, New York, Boston (In season)Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, John F. Kennedy, Logan (In season)
Delta Air LinesUnited States / AtlantaHartsfield-Jackson
Sunrise AirwaysCuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Curacao, United States, Bahamas, Chili / Camagüey, Curacao, La Havane, Cap-Haitien, Santiago de Cuba, Santo Domingo, Floride, Nasseau, Santiago de ChiliIgnacio Agramonte, José Martí, Hugo Chavez, Lynden Pindling, Orlando, Antonio Maceo, Arturo-Melino Benítez, Cibao, Dr Joaquin Balaguer,Las Américas
BahamasairBahamas / NasseauLynden Pindling
Copa AirlinesPanama / PanamaTocumen
CubanaCuba / Camagüey, Havana, Santiago de CubaIgnacio Agramonte, José Martí, Antonio Maceo
InterCaribbean AirwaysJamaica, Providenciales, Dominican Republic / Kingston, Providenciales, Santo DomingoNorman-Manley, Providenciales, Las Américas
Latin American WingsPerou, Chili / Lima, Santiago du ChiliJorge Chávez, Arturo-Melino Benítez
PAWA DominicanaDominican Republic / Santo DomingoLas Américas
WinairCuraçao, Saint-Martin / Curaçao, Saint-MartinHato (Curaçao), Princess Juliana
List of airlines with flights to Port-au-Prince (Last updated: 12/09/2017)

The Hugo Chavez airport is located in the city of Cap-Haïtien. It serves the Atlantic Coast (Cap-Haitien and its surroundings), and also the Arcadins Coast (Montrouis et ses environs).

AirlinesCountries / TownsDeparture airports / Arrival airports
American AirlinesUnited States / MiamiMiami
InterCaribbean AirwaysProvidenciales / ProvidencialesProvidenciales
IBC AirwaysUnited States, Bahamas / Fort-Lauderdal, Miami, NasseauFort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Miami, Lynden Pindling
Sunrise AirwaysHaiti / Port-au-PrinceToussaint Louverture
List of airlines with flights to Cap-Haitien (Last updated : 12/09/2017)

By land

You can go there by bus and car. There’s no need to tell you that it is only from the Dominican Republic that you can reach Haiti by land.

There are four crossing points controlled by the Dominican Border Police (CESFRONT): Dajabon, Elias Piña, Jimani and Pedernales, Jimani being the main axis.

There are three Dominican transport companies (Caribe Tour, Terra Bus & Beras Express) and two Haitian companies (Asotours D & Coach Line) offering regular trips by bus toward Port-au-Prince. Remember that, just as it is when getting in by the airport, there are entry fees.

For those who want to cross the border with their private vehicle, things are a bit more complicated. First, on the Dominican side, the vehicle must in the name of one of the persons on board. Then there must be an official authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense and also Customs. On the Haitian side, you'll have to pay a fee of 20 dollars for the vehicle.

By sea

This third way of how to go to Haïti is used at very a high percentage by commercial boats and container ships. However, the big cruise ships going to Labadee (Cap-Haitien)each month can be considered a way of going there, because geographically, Labadee belongs to Haiti. However, keep in mind that Labadee is rented to the Royal Caribbean International (RCI) who secures it with a fence. Therefore, it is difficult, maybe nearly impossible to reach the nearby cities (e.g. Cap-Haitien) from there.

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