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Choosing the time during which we want to visit Haiti, having all the required documents and knowing what to put in the luggages is not enough to say that the planification is a success. Being informed on how to be cautious; cautiousness concerning health and hygiene can be very helpful. However, to not diminish the pleasure that the stay will provide, this shouldn’t be a too big concern. Conversely, no one should take lightly recommandations given by the different health authorities.

Here are some tips that can help you fully enjoy your stay in Haiti :

Mandatory vaccinations

There isn’t really any if you’re leaving from Europe, North America, Central America, Southern America, Asia and Oceania. However, vaccinations against viral Hepatitis A & B, Meningitis A & C, Tetanus, Typhoid, etc. are suggested before leaving.

Once you’ll be there, do not walk bare feet to avoid parasitic infections.

Sun and heat

Once there, avoid exposing yourself too long under the sun. Thereby, using a high protection sunscreen is strongly suggested if the solar index is too high and/or if your skin is sensitive to the sun. The consequences of the heat and sun exposure are more serious for children and elderly people.

As for the sea, there is no risk to bathe in it.

Insect repellent

Risks of catching certain local diseases (dengue & filariasis) transmitted by mosquitoes and gnats are real. However, by bringing a repellent as recommended in the In your bags section, you greatly reduce those risks.

Food consumption

If you plan on consuming crudenesses, they must be well washed. For bottled beverages, you should only drink those that are sold in stores. It is advised to not drink tap water. Do not consume either the fruit called ackee. This fruit caused many serious intoxications.

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