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Leaving for a country requires a good preparation, no matter what the purpose of the trip is. Being well informed about the conditions of entering a country avoids inconveniences and unpleasant situations. In this way, Haiti is not an exception and gives a whole liste of required conditions before stepping in its territory.

As it is for the great majority of the countries, a valid passport is unquestionable. In the case of Haiti, the passport has to be valid at least 6 months before entering the country and before leaving it. In other words, the passport must not be expired before entering or leaving the country. Citizens from certain countries (Colombia, Panama, Dominican Republic, etc.) must provide a visa.

For stays lasting 90 days or less, a visa is not required for people from the following countries: Canada, United States, France, Israel, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, countries of the European Union and all countries that are members of the CARICOM, and people detaining a Schengen visa and other citizens as specified by the Directorate of Immigration and Emigration (DIE). However, they must pay tourist fee fixed at 10€ or 10$ or 10 canadian dollars or 500 HTG (gourdes) when entering the country. This tax must be paid at the bank counters at the country’s entrance ports and airports. Kids aged between  0 to 9 and people detaining a diplomatic or official visa are exempted.

For stays exceeding 90 days, all visitors must contact the Haitian immigration services to obtain a stay permit. Moreover, this stay permit itself is under certain conditions such as: ID pictures, a request letter addressed to the interior Ministry, a good health certificate, a certificate of good life and morals from the country of origin, a copy of all pages in the passport, certificate of employment, a bank certificate, a 5,000 HTG (gourdes) check pay to the order of interior territorial collectivities Ministry.

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